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DSSDigitized Schematic Solutions (DSS) LLC, was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Koniag Development Corporation (KDC), Anchorage, Alaska on 1 July 2010.

DSS is a Native American owned, disadvantaged small business headquartered in Westlake Village, California. Its core competency is providing intelligent Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) solutions for the war fighter with specific emphasis on the design and development of Intelligent Schematics which enable both the expert and novice maintainer to effectively troubleshoot and train using the complexities associated with electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and fluid flow schematics and the electro-mechanical interfaces thereof. The Digitized Schematic Tool (DST) which integrates all of the features of our p2Trace™ and p2Sim™ Point-to-Point Wiring & Signal Tracing software applications is our premier product. Other DSS products and services include Interactive Electronic Technical Manual, and Computer-Based Interactive Training Systems (CBITS) module design and development and complete Technical Data Conversion services. If schematic usage is an issue, DSS is the solution.


VDL-5 Technologies Inc. VDL-5 Technologies Inc. is a small, veteran-owned company that specializes in the creation of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals, also known as IETMs, for the military. Our employees have more than 40 years of combined experience and strive for perfection in the development, integration and testing of IETMs for military applications. VDL-5’s staff believes in forging a strong partnership with our customers, using our expertise to create content, guiding partners through the military IETM development process, and collaboration in producing a quality product that will pass the rigorous validation and verification procedures performed for IETM acceptance.

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